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At Virgin Atlantic, we believe in empowering our teams to thrive. Our leaders are committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

We prioritise transparency, integrity, and accountability in everything we do, setting the standard for others to follow. Our purpose and values help create a culture of fairness, trust, and mutual respect that we are proud of.

Everyone plays their part in leadership here, not just those in management jobs. We empower our people and create safe spaces for everyone to live their purpose and succeed together.

For us, leadership isn’t a position – it’s the way you act on a daily basis. It’s a way of doing things that brings the best out of people.

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Our Leadership recipe

This year, we set our CEO shai a challenge to distil his leadership principles and beliefs into something simple and intuitive that would connect with our people.

Something that would create a common language to help our leaders succeed in achieving our collective mission of becoming the most loved travel company.

Our Leadership recipe is the definition of what it means to be a leader here at Virgin Atlantic – something just for us! The recipe sets the bar high. It brings to life the mindset that encourages the happiness of our teams and achieves the highest levels of performance. 

At its heart, the recipe is a reminder of where we excel and where we need to keep learning. No part of the recipe is more important than another. What it is is a guide to improve. To work towards. To keep being better.

Our Leadership recipe

“My leadership principles and beliefs distilled into something simple and intuitive that I hope will resonate for years to come. 20 ingredients we can all live by at Virgin Atlantic. The recipe can be used to reflect, learn and ultimately spur you on to become a better leader ” shai Weiss, CEO

What do we look for in our leaders?

Being a leader at Virgin Atlantic means being able to lead and motivate your teams to be at their best as our people sit at the heart of our airline. In order to support our future growth paths, and our aspiration to be ‘the most loved travel company’, it is vital that we recruit leaders with the vision, skills and creativity to push us forward.

As part of our inclusive culture, we look for leaders who thrive on the success of others and actively look for opportunities to help others succeed. You’ll be equipped to handle a fast-paced environment, keen to hear others’ views but ultimately be comfortable taking accountability for your decisions.

The nature of our business means there may be opportunities to traverse between roles at Virgin Atlantic, giving you greater variety and scope to develop. This is part of what makes our business such a special place to work.

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Purposeful leadership

Behind every purpose-driven business is a committed, compassionate and visionary leader.

Holly Branson sat down with shai who shared so many great insights about what it takes to be an effective leader here at Virgin Atlantic.


Put your people first
Our People

Be Yourself

At Virgin Atlantic, we’ve always championed individuality. It’s who we are. And we wouldn’t have it any other way

Wherever you’re going, onboard or in life, we salute you. Here’s to those who are their own captains, a crew like no other. Those who were born to fly. Those who See The World Differently.


See the world differently
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Our benefits

The Virgin Atlantic rewards and benefits package reflects our inclusive culture and values and is designed to reward, support and develop our people as they take on the world in their own way.

With our comprehensive rewards programme, there’s lots to explore. So what are you waiting for?


Benefits built around you