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Since our first flight in 1984, the US has been our heartland. Each year, we fly millions of people both ways across ‘the pond’. North America isn’t just a region for us; it’s a vibrant backdrop for some of the most exciting opportunities in the travel industry.

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We’re simply not Virgin without the Atlantic

Our North America HQ

Welcome to Atlanta, the home of Virgin Atlantic’s US headquarters. Here we share a vibrant workspace with our partner, Delta Air Lines. This buzzing city perfectly blends urban sophistication with Southern charm.

Atlanta’s lively streets and thriving arts scene stimulate our ethos at Virgin Atlantic. We echo the city’s diversity and innovation. This makes it an ideal backdrop for our Human Resources, Cargo, Revenue Management, Marketing Services, Brand Strategy, and Sales teams.

Beyond Atlanta, we extend across the US with in-resort representatives, regional sales, airport operations and cargo teams. Each location reflects Virgin Atlantic’s vibrancy, forming a network of inspiring workspaces.

So, whether you’re looking for career opportunities in the heart of our international operation or behind the scenes in one of our corporate functions, there’s plenty to explore.

Two Virgin Atlantic employees looking out over the Atlanta cityscape

USA career areas

Discover a world of opportunities at our North American bases. From Human Resources to Airport Operations and everything in between, we offer a range of exciting roles. Each of which promises attractive rewards and growth. Join our dynamic teams today, and let’s soar to greater heights together.

Human Resources

The people at Virgin Atlantic are our brand’s pulse. Working in our HR team, you’ll ensure we’re just as vibrant internally as we are externally.

In this global business, co-creating our future is crucial. As a member of our HR team, you’ll be more than just passionate about people. You’ll also be commercially astute, providing essential business support across our Americas and Caribbean region.

Together, you’ll empower leaders and teams with the resources they need to unlock creativity. This will help harness individual strengths and foster collaboration for outstanding results.


Our finance professionals are the backbone of our strategic planning and budget forecasting. They are the stewards of financial management – ensuring compliance, overseeing reporting and collections. They also secure funds to fuel our business growth.

But their role extends beyond numbers – they are strategic partners, working closely with other departments to meet compliance obligations, enhance profit and guide the business’s overall direction.

Brand & Marketing

Our Brand and Marketing teams specialise in diverse fields. This includes everything from advertising and consumer activations to insights, content development, and social media. Our teams in the UK and US work hand-in-hand to create engaging, memorable consumer experiences around our brand.

So whether it’s through compelling advertising campaigns, exciting consumer activations, insightful research, captivating content, or dynamic social media engagement, you’ll be at the forefront of our brand’s presence in the market.

Sales & Distribution

Our Sales & Distribution team use a deep understanding of our customers and the market to strategize and maximize revenue opportunities in this fast-paced industry.

Your proactive approach will be instrumental in driving growth. By leveraging your relationship management skills, you’ll cultivate client partnerships.

Our sales teams, skilled in Key Accounts, Field Sales, and more, collaborate to ensure brand presence and drive impact. Working with Operations, these teams help drive our North American commercial performance.


Our Technology teams are the glue that binds us, driving success in every corner of our global organization. From pioneering customer innovations to streamlining operations, your tech expertise will enhance our services and shape a vibrant workplace.

Our in-resort representatives, or “reps,” play a crucial role in ensuring that holidaymakers have an exceptional experience during their stay.

As an in-resort representative, you’ll be our customers’ guide and go-to person, offering top-tier support and advice. From welcoming guests to resolving queries, your role is pivotal. You might even play concierge, recommending attractions or arranging transportation.

With us, you’ll be part of a successful transatlantic tour operator, using your people skills and passion for travel to create unforgettable experiences.

As part of our Clubhouse team, you’ll create a luxurious pre-flight environment for our Upper Class passengers. From mixing signature cocktails to offering serene workspaces, you’ll ensure our travellers start their journey on a high note.

At our chic, tranquil Clubhouses in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC, you’ll deliver award-winning services that set us apart from the airport crowd.

Our Airport team is the heartbeat of our international operations. They ensure each aircraft operates safely and on time while serving up top-notch service with that signature Virgin Atlantic flair.

We’re a diverse crew of professionals, each bringing unique technical skills and backgrounds to the table. But we all share a common passion: delivering exceptional service while keeping safety paramount.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is a globally recognized force trusted to transport everything from Lamborghinis to the urgent need for live fish and critical medical supplies.

In the nerve centre of our Cargo Operations, every booking becomes a thrilling logistical puzzle. Turning a reservation into a packed hold is no small feat – it demands decisiveness, steadfastness, and an unflappable nature, even under pressure.

With your solid cargo experience, numerical knowledge, and exceptional people skills, you’ll find a fulfilling career where no two days are the same.

On the other side, our Cargo Sales and Service team is dedicated to delivering customer service that’s nothing short of exceptional, all while driving the growth of profitable revenues. We believe in keeping promises and exceeding expectations, a commitment that has earned us numerous industry accolades.

To join this award-winning team, you’ll need sales or business development experience, a proven track record of impressive results and stellar interpersonal skills. Prior cargo experience will certainly give you an edge.

Our diverse engineering roles span the entire aircraft, from airframe structures and engines to avionics. We’re committed to delivering a top-tier product that reflects in our aircraft cabins and brings customers back time and again.

We value individuals open to new challenges, capable of shifting between disciplines, from operations to design, procurement, and contract management. You’ll thrive on collaboration, showcase strong leadership and take pride in a job well done.

As a Certified Engineer, you’ll play a crucial role in maintaining our fleet, ensuring each aircraft is fit for service. As a Duty Maintenance Manager, you’ll juggle team management, customer liaison, station administration and aircraft maintenance – a role where teamwork and communication are key.

Our Mechanics work hand-in-hand with Certified Engineers, ensuring every detail is attended to for safe arrivals and departures. Station Maintenance Managers oversee daily engineering activities, acting as a pivotal contact point for various departments and external entities.

City Outline

Find your dream Virgin Atlantic job in the USA

Our core benefits

At Virgin Atlantic, we’re all about people. We believe in creating an extraordinary work experience. We celebrate the unique talents and perspectives each team member brings to the table. This fosters an environment where everyone can soar both personally and professionally.

Joining our North American team means more than just a competitive paycheck. It’s about becoming part of a vibrant community that values you.

Our comprehensive benefits package is our commitment to your wellbeing and success, going above and beyond to show just how much we appreciate your contributions.

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Staff travel

We encourage everyone to take on the world. You’ll have access to our industry-leading staff travel benefits and selected other airlines.

Flip flops

Virgin Atlantic Holidays

There’s a world of great hotels, excursions, park tickets and holiday extras all available at great staff rates.

401(k) Savings Plan

Our 401(k) retirement savings plan provides you with tax-free salary deferrals from your pay check, a generous match and immediate 100% vesting.


Life Insurance

If the unexpected happens, you’ll receive a core level of cover, but can flex up to a higher level of cover based on you and your family’s needs at your own cost.

Virgin Group discounts

You can enjoy exclusive discounts, benefits and savings across the whole Virgin family such as hotels, voyages and wines to name a few.

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Virgin Atlantic’s calling, don’t let it go to voicemail

Where you’ll find us

Our workspaces, including our offices and airports, embody our culture. They are creative hubs designed to inspire collaboration and innovation, all with a signature touch of red. This vibrant environment enables us to consistently deliver our world-renowned customer service.

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At ATL – Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport, our engineering, cargo, airport operations, and duty manager teams collaborate to ensure smooth and efficient operations. You’ll also find our North American headquarters, located within Delta’s global head offices

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At BOS – Logan International Airport, we offer dynamic roles in cargo and airport operations, keeping Virgin Atlantic’s heartbeat strong and steady

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New York

At JFK – International Airport, our team takes on a variety of roles from cargo and sales to Clubhouse service, airport management and engineering. They ensure that the Virgin Atlantic experience shines in every corner of the airport

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At IAD – Washington Dulles International Airport, our diverse team handles cargo, manages airport operations and provides top-notch service at our exclusive Clubhouse

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At MCO – Orlando International Airport, our diverse roles span from engineering and cargo operations to in-resort representation and airport operations and duty management

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At TPA – Tampa International Airport, our dedicated airport operations and duty managers work tirelessly to create exceptional experiences for our customers

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At MIA – Miami International Airport, we have roles in engineering, cargo handling, in-resort representation, and airport operations/duty management. These all work in perfect harmony to ensure smooth operations

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Las Vegas

At LAS – McCarran International Airport, our in-resort representatives, airport operations staff, and duty managers work in unison to maintain efficient operations and a positive passenger experience

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Los Angeles

At LAX – Los Angeles International Airport, our engineering and cargo teams, alongside airport operations and duty managers, collaborate to ensure the smooth running of one of the busiest airports in the world

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San Francisco

At SFO – San Francisco International Airport, our in-resort representatives, Clubhouse lounge staff, and airport teams work together to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers

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At Seattle – Tacoma International Airport, our engineering and cargo teams, along with airport operations and duty managers, work to ensure a smooth and efficient airport experience for all

Red Spirit

The essence of Virgin Atlantic has always been its incredible people. They are the secret ingredient, the core of our vibrant red brand, and what genuinely distinguishes us. Now, we’re drawing back the veil to highlight their distinctive red spirit that powers our identity

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Meet Luquesha, the reigning Queen of the JFK Clubhouse for Virgin Atlantic and the heart behind the unforgettable experiences created at our premier lounge in New York City

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