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Even by Virgin Atlantic standards, our Customer Experience division is an amazing place to work. These talented teams are responsible for designing and implementing our products and services, and shaping our spaces.


Our Design team is brilliantly creative, multidisciplinary and award winning. It’s made up of architects, interior designers, product designers and other such gifted people. Clubhouses – that’s them. What the inside of our aircraft look like – that’s also them.

To work on our Design team, you need to be happy working on a variety of projects. You’ll work on service and digital design initiatives in the air, on the ground and internally. You’ll also help to design and deliver work on global events and sponsorships.

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Join our Customer Experience team

Customer Experience

Customer Experience does lots of behind the scenes researching, strategising and planning to make sure we give our customers the right products and services. They’re constantly looking for ways to innovate so Virgin Atlantic stays ahead of its competitors in the air and on the ground.

When you join our Customer Experience team you’ll get involved in many projects across various areas of the business – from in service standards and what to put on the menu to aircraft updates, inflight entertainment and Clubhouses.

Inflight Services

Inflight Services take care of how our customers are looked after once they’re onboard. From what they eat and drink to what they watch, listen to and play on inflight entertainment. Join our inflight services team and you’ll work internally and externally on projects that influence both our crew and our customers. It’s classed as a semi operational team.

Roles on this team include commercial management, food and beverage, and specialist media management. Working here is varied and fast paced so you’ll need to think fast, be flexible and cope well with ambiguity and change.

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