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Rebecca – Apprentice, Engineering

Tell us a little about yourself?

My journey began back in the tail end of August 2017. When myself and 9 others were strategically selected to take part in the Virgin Atlantic Aircraft Engineering apprenticeship. I’m fairly new and have spent the majority of my time at an alternate company named Resource Group to undertake an intensive course to study for our A licence. However for this past week in January we have been spending time at the Gatwick Hangar where we have had the fantastic opportunity to spend time with some 747’s and A330’s. I got to push back my first 747 and perform a wheel change on a 330. Definitely the highlight of the apprenticeship so far!

What is your current role at Virgin Atlantic and what do you love about it?

My current role is being an aircraft engineer apprentice for Virgin atlantic Airways, joining the Virgin family and choosing to be an engineer was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have been made to feel like a part of the ever growing family at Virgin and I would not change it for the world. I also love that I get to come to work every day to do a job that I love!

What is your best memory of working at Virgin Atlantic so far?

It would have to be getting my hands dirty and changing my first ever aircraft wheel on an A330, as it was our first time ever changing a wheel we did take our sweet time. However it was fantastic to also watch how it’s done and the speed and finesse that it can be done at. Definitely something to live up to!

How would you describe the culture at Virgin Atlantic?

As I am sure anyone works for or who has ever worked for Virgin Atlantic can vouch that the atmosphere and culture at Virgin Atlantic is like no other. It truly is a world unto its own. And I feel at home whenever I go to work.

Any words of encouragement to anyone contemplating joining or applying to work at Virgin Atlantic?

You will never find a company which supports or loves its employees just like Virgin Atlantic does. It would be a mistake not to accept a job for Virgin!

Are there any programmes or initiatives you are involved in?

I have signed up to the YAAN which is the young apprentice ambassadors network. I have been asked to sign up to and support the apprenticeship scheme for Virgin and encourage other young adults to choose this scheme as the way forward into a career that you will most certainly love.

Can you sum up Virgin Atlantic in one word?



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