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Jaime – Training Design Consultant

Tell us about yourself?

After leaving Dance college, I Joined World Duty Free as it was called in 1998 and although I really enjoyed my job; recruitment for Cabin Crew at VAA came up and it had always been my dream to be crew as a little girl. So I applied for it and was successful in May 1999!

I worked through the ranks up to Cabin Service Supervisor and then had the opportunity to join the Service Training Team and deliver the Customer Service Training program ‘Brilliant Basics, Magic Touches’ in 2007. I had the best of both worlds flying and training and whilst I went back flying for a year, I returned on a permanent basis in 2009. I stayed with this fantastic team up until our restructure 2 years ago where I joined the Training Design team.

What does your role involve?

An average day for me is looking at the content of the Service aspect of our crew training courses but I have dabbled with training around other areas of the business, so a very busy but varied day! I still fly once or twice a year to keep me current with reality and ensure that what we cover fits the requirements

It had been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My parents both met flying for Dan Air and my brother became a Pilot so it was in the blood and the best thing I ever did. Needless to say conversation around the dinner table is usually about one topic…I feel sorry for my husband who has nothing to do with the aviation industry!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I have always been very passionate about Customer Service and I love seeing the excitement people have embarking on their Cabin Crew journey. I’ve done a lot of flying and know what it takes to make a difference so when I see someone that I’ve trained or helped on-board delivering an amazing service, I get a huge sense of pride and achievement. I love the banter and relationships with people in different areas of the business and I love getting out and about, so I’ll always jump at the chance to get to the airport or on an aircraft…total plane geek!

I think the biggest challenge is the level of change we experience and in pretty quick succession, whether it be people or process…you have no choice but to keep up but then it makes the days go quickly!

What has been your best memory so far at Virgin?

I think my best memory has to be when I was involved in the promotional team, I was asked to go along to a top secret place. It was the day I landed back from Orlando and had no idea what it was about. When I arrived, there were a few of us and we were transported to somewhere in London along with some BA crew. We had to ‘audition’ to power walk across the road (I got the gig and put in the middle!) It was a blink and you miss it but all good fun. This was part of the ‘proud’ promotional video sang by Heather Small for the London 2012 Olympics. A few months later I attended the official launch of the project to win 2012 and I was told to go and watch the video in the theatre; the screen was huge and whilst I still thought I’d barely be visible, there I was on the big screen power walking off into the distance! Needless to say I was proud…scuse the pun! I rubbed shoulders with Ian  Mckellean and Jonathan Edwards…a very good day!

How would you describe the culture at Virgin Atlantic?

Virgina Atlantic is all about the people and it always has a great vibe in the office and online as crew. It’s a very open and honest culture and on the whole, people are very friendly and approachable. It really is the people that make the place and Virgin Holidays reminds me of how Atlantic used to be when I first joined.

I always have a giggle in the office and the banter is brilliant, a good tonic if you’re having one of the more challenging days!

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of joining Virgin?

You will not be disappointed. The family/community feel this company exudes will keep you going, especially on the more challenging days. The people here are unique and very caring and that in itself is special.


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