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Meet Our People

Kirsten – Technical Manager, A350 Cabin

Kirsten describes what it’s been like working on the A350 project – the next generation of aircraft due to join the fleet.

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Simon – Principal Enterprise Architect

Simon gives us an insight into how he’s helped to employ the technology which supports our people in their jobs.

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Laura – Vice President, Procurement

From Buyer to Vice President, Laura tells us about the opportunities for career progression at Virgin Atlantic.

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Swaran – Bartender, LHR Clubhouse

Ever fancied working in a bar with a difference? Swaran talks about her role in our Clubhouse.

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Patrice – Senior Manager, Commercial

What does working in the Finance team involve? Patrice gives an insight.

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Jaime – Training Design Consultant

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Training Design Consultant? Find out here.

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David – Trainer, Cabin Crew

How do you become a Trainer at Virgin Atlantic? David shares his journey and how he loves sharing his knowledge with the crew.

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Paulina – Bartender, LHR Clubhouse

Interested in joining us as a bartender? Paulina shares her favourite recipes, perks of the job, and what it takes to thrive in this role.

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Raj – Engineer, Technical Operations

Raj discusses his journey from Graduate to Technical Operations Engineer and his best memories from his time with us so far.

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Michelle Moss Headshot

Michelle – Technical Release & Delivery Manager

Michelle tells us what it’s like to work within our Tech team, how she juggles life as a single working mum and what advice she would have for women thinking about a career in tech.

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George Flowers head shot

George- Finance Apprentice

George tells us why he canned the traditional university route of learning, and why his Virgin apprenticeship is building his career in accountancy.


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Kimberley – Manager, Flight Service

With 24 years of dedication to Virgin Atlantic, Kimberley shares her career highlights and what she’s learned along the way.

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Rebecca Head shot

Rebecca – Apprentice, Engineering

What’s it like working with Virgin Atlantic as an Apprentice? Rebecca shares her highlights so far.

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Jayne – Administrator, Occupational Health

Ever wondered what our Occupational Health team get involved in? Jayne talks about her role.

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Georgia – Route Revenue Manager, Cargo

What does working in our Cargo department involve? Georgia talks through her role.

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Joe – Joint Ventures Manager, Cargo

‘Don’t discount working in Cargo’ says Joe. It’s a fascinating business area where no two days are ever the same.

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Gabby – Graduate, Engineering

Gabby shares her experiences of being part of our graduate scheme and what she enjoys most about her role.

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Nasos – Graduate, Engineering

Nasos tells us his favourite memories from the graduate scheme, and what advice he’d give to those thinking of applying.

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