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A note from us to Recruitment Agents

We’re really pleased to know that so many of you would like to work with us. While we appreciate that you have a job to do, as much as we’d like to interact with all of you, this just isn’t possible, as there are far more of you then there are of us.

We have an experienced in-house Resourcing Team who focus on attraction via direct channels, and we’re in a really fortunate position that we attract a lot of candidates directly via our website. We also have a very strong internal promotion culture. This means we have very low requirements to use multiple Recruitment Agencies.

On occasions where we may require Recruitment Agency support, we have a Preferred Supplier List that we would go to in the first instance. This is made up of select agencies that have built a strong understanding of our business and the types of people we like to recruit.

With that in mind, we politely ask that you avoid making any approaches to our Resourcing Team or Managers across the business. Please do not send unsolicited CVs to our job openings or to Virgin Atlantic employees. Virgin Atlantic is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited CVs.

Thank you