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Senior First Officer

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"Hi, I'm Andrew, and I fly the Airbus A340 long haul"

I was seven when I made my first flight. I was invited onto the flight deck of a B737 and was mesmerised by the experience - I still remember it vividly today!

Having got the bug, like many commercial pilots I trained at a recognised training school, (and I would certainly recommend to any aspiring pilot to try and get a place at one of the established training schools if they can).

Andrew, Senior First Officer

"The most challenging aspect of my job is maintaining high standards within the long haul environment. You may not have your hands on the controls for several weeks and still have to satisfy both your own and Virgin Atlantic's exacting standards."

After training I started my career as an instructor and progressed through turbo props, regional jets and had experience flying business jets too before applying to Virgin. I felt very fortunate to be offered a position, I had other offers too, but I found the excitement and adventure of Virgin Atlantic very attractive - and I also liked the lifestyle on offer - with interesting and varied destinations and of course modern equipped aircraft.

Virgin has really allowed me to expand my remit. For example I applied to join the Human Factors team and as an Instructor I was given a budget and the total freedom to make what turned out to be a very successful training development film.

Andrew, Senior First Officer

"I currently fly the A-340 600/300 and look forward to the chance to fly the new Aircraft as they arrive at Virgin, and my personal goal is to become a Captain."

If you're thinking of becoming a pilot I'd advise you to concentrate on your education and get good A level Maths and Physics, and a good degree will also help. When I joined I know that Virgin were looking for the right person, not just the qualifications, to really find someone who would work well with the team.

Pilot recruitment

To join us as a First Officer we usually require:

  • 3,000 hours experience, an Airbus or Boeing rating and 1000 hours 'on type'
  • If from a military background you'll need to have 3000 hours including at least 1500 hours 'heavy' experience
  • UK issued JAR ATPL or fATPL
  • To be a Native English speaker or have Level 6 English Language Proficiency
  • The right to work in the UK
  • An MCC qualification

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