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Good leadership is really important because people are central to our success

High quality leadership is really important because people are central to our success. We need lots of people to deliver our daily operations but also it's only our people that deliver a great customer experience - to do this as elegantly as we do - leadership is the glue that holds it all together. There's lots of work going on in the background to manage and grow the Business too so good leadership and direction is important at every level.

Leadership at Virgin Atlantic is not always easy - but it is tremendously rewarding. On the outside we are a famous brand - passionate about our customers, our story, what we stand for and the amazing places we fly to. On the inside we are a very operational business with a lean organisation and an incredible diversity of people, teams and departments - all playing their role to deliver our overall success. Within one business we have everything from long haul pilots to product designers and catering experts; from fuel analysts to contact centre agents and aircraft leasing managers - all wrapped up in a hard-working, unstuffy, honest and open environment.

Where ever you might fit into Virgin Atlantic - leadership is defined by some common themes.

  • You'll need to be a people centred person who thrives on the success of others and really lives our Brand.
  • You'll need to be comfortable with true accountability (we don't have any layers where people can hide...).
  • You'll need a really strong orientation to customer service - both externally and internally.
  • For more senior roles - you'll need really sound commercial insight and application - and our business is a fascinating one to get your head around!

Where people love to work

We are Virgin Atlantic - are you?

Reflecting our organisation you'll see diversity of leadership roles - we have big people management roles, technical and expertise leaders, lots of team and supervisor roles - all working hard to deliver the right experience for our customers and our people.

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